Alexey Paramonov

Alexey Paramonov Full stack JS/Python, Streaming expert
Moscow, Russian Federation

Developing complex applications for 15+ years. Interested in streaming, real time communications and interactive website applications. Experience in creation and running more that 200 Internet radio stations including streaming engine, websites and modules. Prefer using modern programming techniques on the front-end and the back-end.

My skills:

  • Vanilla Javascript, TypeScript, AngularJs (both 1 & 2), Vue.js, React JS, jQuery, Node JS, Webpack, Gulp
  • Python, Django, Django REST framework
  • Php, Laravel
  • Icecast, shoutcast streaming, liquidsoap, Centova Cast, custom streaming solutions
  • Web Audio API
  • WebRTC
  • Online streaming services API (Spotify, LastFM, Amazon, iTunes, SoundCloud)
  • C++
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Linux System Administration (DevOps)
  • Git, Docker

Math Education.

Availability time: 7:00-20:00 GMT


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Engineer's degree, Applied mathematics, programming | Moscow Technical Univercity of Communications and Informatics1998 — 2003
Full stack JavaScript/Python, Streaming expert
PythonI use Python almost everywhere from small utilities to complex multithreaded network applications.
JavascriptVanilla Javascript, TypeScript, AngularJs (both 1 & 2), Vue.js, React JS, jQuery, Node JS, Webpack
DjangoIs my preferred backend framework, especially when it comes to creating RESTful API
PHPLaravel, PDO
C++For certain modules that need to be highly optimized
StreamingShoutcast, Icecast, WebRTC