Budget compact BT headphones comparison: JBL T110BT vs Sony WI-XB400

Headphones are very important for me cause I often listen to podcasts, Youtube, etc. on a walk, at home, before going to sleep, so choosing a right model for me is very important.

I was using JBL model (white one to the right and black one to the left, Sony is in the middle) almost for a year and it is really doing its job great — very light, compact and a few weeks ago I wanted to try something new so got myself some Sony and comes out those models are pretty different, so here is my quick comparison of both models.



  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact size
  3. Great for talks, radioshows


  1. Battery life less compared to Sony
  2. Bluetooth range is also not so great
  3. Not so great for music, poor bass

Sony WI-XB400


  1. Hold better in my ears
  2. Better Bluetooth range
  3. Better battery live
  4. Killer feature: standalone volume control, meaning when you change the volume it does not change it on a device like JBLs do, but change their own internal volume. I have a Samsung TV which is only compatible with their own headphones to change the volume, but with Sony works perfectly by changing the volume no matter TV thinks of your headphone.


  1. Heavier, headphones and blocks are pretty bulky compared to JBL
  2. White noise pretty noticeable in quiet conditions like when you want to listen to something before the sleep.

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